Thursday, June 12, 2014

Robin Fledgling!

Picture taken through a window and storm window, so forgive the quality.

I have been anxiously watching the robin nest the  last few days.  (Earlier posts here and here.)  I knew it couldn't be long until the baby robins were ready to fly on their own.  There seemed to still be one or two in the nest this morning, but then I also saw this fledgling on the bird feeder.  It was first perched on top but then lost his footing and slid down. It managed to land on the ledge and perched there for half an hour or so, cheeping, and no doubt wondering where its parent/food service had gone.  It's exciting to see "my" birds grow up.  I feel quite protective of them.  I'm going to have to keep one eye on my work today and one eye on the yard watching for feral cats.  (You can read my feral cat story here.  Don't get me started on that topic.)

Taken with a phone in early morning light.

It's been quite a week for wildlife here in the neighborhood.  Monday's walk brought us about twelve feet from a very calm doe, who seemed as likely to walk up the riverbank and join us as to run away.

On Tuesday's walk, a dashing red fox ran across the road in front of us and then along the river.  Later, it was sitting quietly, peeping over some tall grass between the river and the woods, watching us walk by.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the fox, but camera phones do have their limits!

It's amazing how much wildlife lives right here in town.  


  1. Good Afternoon! That little robin is so precious. I know you are protective of them.
    Sweet little deer too. That is something about the fox! Hope you have an enjoyable day.

  2. So glad the little Robins have fledged --and that you got a photo of one of them.. PRECIOUS. I sat in my living room today (talking on the phone) --and saw a Daddy Catbird feeding one of his babies... Such JOY!!!!

    You do have quite a bit of wildlife, don't you???? We have alot around here too since the area is protected... They have no fears of being killed!!!

    I love deer --as long as they are not in my yard munching on our flowers... ha

  3. How fun to watch the little ones leave the nest. We have deer, too and I never tire of seeing them.

  4. I love to see nature on our walks and drives. Red foxes are my favorites! I've only seen them a couple times but they are too fast to get a picture of.

  5. How nice to see all the wildlife there! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. That deer image, even though it did not turn out as you wish, is stunning. It looks like a painting.


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