Friday, June 13, 2014

An Empty Nest

This is my last robin post, I promise!  After three of its siblings had left the nest yesterday, this one final fledgling was left alone.  What to do?

Here is the lone fledgling.  "Oh so lonely."  "Maybe I can do it!"  "No, I can't, but what's all that chirping I hear?"
As I watched this little bird think about leaving the nest, I could hear robins cheeping and chirping all around.  Finally a parent bird flew up and landed close to the nest on an electric wire.  Loud chirping ensued.  I think his mama was telling him to get off his duff!  Then the next thing I knew, he had flown the nest!

He was too quick for me, but you can see him flying away on the far left side.


  1. I know you were concerned about all of them. Glad that this one finally got the nerve to fly!

    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  2. Wow! They grew up so quickly. I love that final image of the stirred up feathers. I admire birds for being able to stand on electrical wires and not get zapped xx

  3. Amazing! I have loved watching them grow up with you.

  4. Sweet! Glad they all made it out on their own!

  5. So fun!
    I think ours left awhile ago.

    Sounds like you have had lots to watch this week.

    Happy weekend.

    M : )

  6. It reminds me of pushing your child off on a bicycle without training wheels for the very first time. Fun photos, Lynette!

  7. A brilliant series of posts and I especially like this one. Bye bye little robins.

  8. I for one, enjoy the robin posts! It's so fun to watch them get their little starts in life. You are going to miss them.

  9. So wonderful to watch those robins develop!

  10. Nice capture! I did not realize that you were posting again!


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