Thursday, February 7, 2013

Souped Up Meatballs

We've finally been getting our winter snow here in northern Illinois.  It's been beautiful.

Mourning dove taken from my office window.

Snow, however, calls for hearty, warming dinners.  As I walked through the grocery store the other morning, I thought about the oniony meatballs my mother used to make.  A package of ground chuck and a stroll through the soup aisle, and I was good to go.  This makes a very easy and flavorful change of pace for ground beef.

I served them over egg noodles, but they are also very good with mashed potatoes.

Souped Up Onion Meatballs

1 pound ground chuck
3/4 cup (approx.) fresh bread crumbs
1 egg
Salt and pepper
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 10.5 oz. can of French onion soup (I use Campbell’s)
1/2 cup water

Mix meat, bread crumbs, and egg together.  Season with cracked pepper and very lightly with salt (the soup will add extra salt).   Shape into 1 to 1-1/2 inch meatballs.

Heat oil in non-stick skillet over high heat.  Add meatballs and reduce heat to medium high.  Brown the meatballs, turning frequently.  Add the soup and water.  Cover and reduce heat to low.  Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Remove lid and cook over low to medium low heat for 15 minutes to reduce liquid.

Makes approximately 30 meatballs.


  1. Ah, yes, comfort foods, perfect for a winter day.

  2. This looks fantastic...I have to try it! I love the picture of the little dove, I haven't seen many birds lately.


  3. This is bringing tears to my eyes. My aunt used to make this, and this has got to be very similar to her recipe. Mayhap if I make this for Mr. Art @ Home he won't kill me.


  4. oh, that looks tasty....thick potato soup is the soup of choice in my house.

  5. Hi There, WOW---those meatballs look SO good. Made my mouth water!!!!! YUM---wanna send me some????? ha ha

    Love your snow also.. Wish we'd get a little more --but since we'll be in Arkansas all next week, we are hoping for NICE weather there so that we can get out and HIKE...


  6. Isn't the snow great? I'm pretty excited about it. Your recipe looks great; I'm definitely bookmarking it.

  7. We love meatballs, but I've never fixed them any other way than with spaghetti and tomatoe sauce! Pinning this one for a new spin on an old favorite! Thank you!

  8. Meatballs is excellent comfort food. This looks so yummy however, that photo of the bird in the snow is beautiful. I do wonder how they survive the cold and how they find enough to eat during the winter months xx

  9. Super comfort food...I made some yesterday too, but in my slow cooker.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. We haven't had any snow this year, yet, but it's been really cold on many occasions. That surely looks like the perfect meal for a snowy day. :-)

  11. Looks delicious! Perfect for a cold windy day. We woke to snow yesterday, but it was gone by noon. Oh well.

  12. I might have to try these this week! They look perfect for this weather.

  13. I really enjoy an easy recipe. Perfect for our cooler weather.

  14. We missed all that snow. But I'm ok with that! Love the bird picture.


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