Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good-bye Old Friend; Hello Sleek New Friend

Well, I finally did it.  I dumped an old friend.  After nearly 24 years, we'd been through a lot together, but he just wasn't holding up his end anymore.  So it was good-bye Old Electrolux.

Faithful Old Electrolux
My husband and I bought the vacuum cleaner as our mutual gift on the first Christmas after we got married.  Old Electrolux was sleek and powerful in those days.  It was a huge step up from my old round Hoover.  But things changed.  Old Electrolux just wasn't picking up like he used to.  His days were numbered.  I started scoping out hot new vacuums online.  Then Miele caught my eye.  Sleek, compact, and powerful.  I'd found my new friend.  So I put Old Electrolux in the trunk and dropped him off at Goodwill.  I felt a little sad about it.  Still, maybe he can be rehabilitated and someone else will befriend him.

Sleek New Miela Callisto
How do I like the new Miele Callisto?  It has been an adjustment, but so far so good.  It is powerful yet much quieter than my old vacuum cleaner.  I like that three of the most commonly used attachments are stored right in the canister, and I have found the suction control very useful.  I turn the suction to low and am able to vacuum cloth lampshades without worrying about damaging them.  The canister is lighter weight than the Electrolux because it is plastic.  I do wonder if it will be as durable as the old metal machine.

See the hair?
What don't I like?  I wish it had come with two wands.  I would rather snap off the whole wand to change heads rather than reach down to detach the head.  Depending how expensive it is, I may purchase a second wand.  Also, the bags seem a little small. We produce a lot of dirt around here, and I think we'll go through bags pretty quickly. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Alfie!)  My biggest gripe, though, is the plastic canister I just praised for being lightweight.  It develops a static charge or whatever, and dog hair clings to the bottom.  That means I have to frequently spend time vacuuming off my vacuum cleaner.

All in all, though, I am happy with my new friend, Miela.  Which is a good thing, because Miela is pricey.  I just hope he's worth it.

Note: This is my honest opinion.  You all know Miela, the company, doesn't know I exist and did not ask me to review their vacuum cleaner or compensate me in any way.  If anyone from Miele is reading, however, I wouldn't say no to some free vacuum cleaner bags!


  1. I don't own a vaccum of any kind! We have no carpet, and what few rugs we have are washable. Out of all of the house hold chores, vaccuming is my least favorite! I would rather sweep and mop any day of the week, but congrats on your new vaccum :)

  2. I hate to vacuum! It's always difficult to choose a new cleaner; there are so many to choose from these days. Wishing you a good weekend.

  3. 24 years with one vacuum! That is amazing. They just don't build them like that anymore, but Miele is one of the best on the market today.

    We were going through upright broom vacuums every 6 months until my hubby found a Miele upright broom vacuum with great reviews. We have had it for over 3 years and I love it. Yes, the bags are small, but they never kick dust back out.

  4. Tee hee - your post gave me a good giggle! We just bought a new Dyson Rollerball recently, it just makes things so much simpler with a good vacumn cleaner doesn't it? What would be even better though is if you could teach Alfie to push the Miele & vacumn up his own hair! I've tried with my Ben & Jerry pups but they just run & hide under the bed every time I take it out of the cupboard ;-)
    Happy weekend,

  5. Hi there,
    24 years that's a very good innings but then in the past electrical appliances were made to last not like nowadays. You are lucky if you get five years out of an appliance. Certainly Miele is a good brand and as you say a bit pricey but it is quality. I am very pleased with my upright vacuum I was really fed up of lugging the monstrosity of a hoover that I had before around the house with me. The upright vacuum makes life easier for me and for my husband who is now a househusband (does that word exist???) but I daren't call him that!

    Many thanks indeed for your kind comments on my last post.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Wow! That's a very good vacuum cleaner. Our family's always break after a few years. I hope the new one works just as good. It looks cool, black is a nice color. hehe..

  7. Plastic, plastic, plastic. Everything's gotta be plastic. Why?

  8. Well that's kind of a big deal!

  9. You and my DH are like peas in a pod: you name your vacuum cleaners! He was so attached to our last Hoover, he lamented its demise for awhile. Until Hoover, the company, sent him another one free (a loyalty reward). Miele IS a good brand. Didn't realize they made vacuums; I considered them for my kitchen though....Great review!

  10. We have the Dyson.. but I'm happy to report that my husband does all the vacuuming here! He's retired and he's really jumped into housekeeping.. oh yes.. I'm a happy camper! He does it while I'm off doing my lap swimming. Win-win situation! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. When I first saw your post subject, I thought that you were talking about a computer. I'm in awe that your old vacuum lasted so long! I'm glad that the new one is working well so far.

  12. You certainly got your money's worth out of that old Hoover. As good as Miele vacuum cleaners are, I'm sure this new one won't last 24 years! Things just aren't put together like they used to be. I had a Miele but buying the bags drove me crazy and here they're so expensive and hard to find. I bought a Dyson because it's bagless! xx

  13. What a difference a couple decades make - very interesting. I have an Oreck & love it! Thanks!

  14. Surprisingly, I remember that vacuum cleaner oh too well. When my parents let theirs go, it was replaced with a Kirby. We're still trying to learn to use that thing! lol Good luck with your new friend. :-)

  15. I had to giggle at your vacuuming your vacuum. I bought a Dyson as few years ago and have been very happy with it so far. I've heard great things about Miele though!


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