Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guy Fieri's Taj Maholla!

Finished dish on basmati rice
Are you looking for something new and different to do with chicken?  We eat a lot of chicken at our house and are always on the lookout for new taste sensations.  This chicken dish from Guy Fieri fills the bill.  I have made it a couple of times, so I naturally had to tweak it a little after the first try.

This recipe uses chicken thighs, so it is pretty economical.  Be warned, however, this is not a quick dish -- there are several steps involved -- but it is quite tasty.  Especially if you double the amount of spices as I do.  I use garam masala that I purchase at our local food co-op, so I can't vouch for Fieri's masala recipe. I serve the chicken over basmati rice for further Indian taste.

You can find the recipe here on the Food Network website.

Chicken thighs after baking, still on the bone

Boned and shredded chicken added to the sauce


  1. This sounds like a great recipe and looks tasty too. I'm planning to go to the international market tomorrow and I think I should get a package of garam masala just in case. :-)

  2. I agree with Libby! :) And also it's nutritional! xoxo

  3. The recipe looked great.Definitely I have everything it has all the Indian spices. the other day I was just wondering about using Pomegranate juice in my cooking so here I have the recipe. Thanks for finding Guy Fieri's recipe and sharing with us.

  4. That sounds good. Do you know that not one person in our family likes dark meat? Isn't that weird? Well, hubby will eat a chicken leg once in a while but it is not his favorite. I wonder how this would be with breast meat? xo Diana

  5. That sounds sooo good!!!! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh these recipes look yummy. We do eat a lot of chicken, and I'm even getting tired of it. So thanks for some new ideas.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments, Mary Alice

  7. Yum...that looks so good! I love his chicken marsala recipe- we do it with and without the marsala from time to time. Last week I did a coconut & curry chicken, very unusual for this house and it was great! Nice to get a different flavor profile than what you usually go to in the kitchen.

  8. Oooooh, i love this. I've been on a chicken this this summer for some reason!

  9. Sounds yummy. One of these days I may actually start to cook again :)


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