Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pity the Poor Hydrangea

You might think these hydrangeas are drooping because it’s September, but that’s not it.  They’ve just heard that Madonna “absolutely loathes” hydrangeas.  Even the gorgeous Venetian one given to her by a fan.  Wouldn’t you droop if you learned that Madonna loathes you?  No?

And really – how can anyone loathe a flower?  Poison ivy maybe, brussels sprouts for sure, but hydrangeas?  They are fluffy balls of flowery goodness.

Alfie doesn’t get it either.  He’s even been known to take a bite of hydrangea.  (Ok, he’s been known to take a bite of almost everything, but still.)

What was Madonna thinking?

Hydrangeas are the flower that keeps on giving.  Colorful or white and fluffy in the summer, green and then brown to provide some fall interest in the garden.  And they can even help out at the holidays!  One year when my friend PK and I were chairing a Christmas event at the local house museum, we gilded a couple of buckets full of dried hydrangea blooms with gold spray paint to use in the decorating.  We (just barely) managed to survive the paint fumes, and the golden hydrangeas looked fabulous.

Hydrangeas are a workhorse of my garden.  If I could grow hydrangeas here in the Midwest that were as gorgeous as the one given to Madonna, you better believe I’d be exhibiting that seventh deadly sin.  I’d have a snootful of pride!

Perk up, hydrangeas, who cares about Madonna?  Alfie and I still love you!

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