Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finished Object?

For the last several weeks, whenever I found the time, I've been knitting this hat.  It was supposed to be for my son -- he even picked out the yarn -- but I don't know. . .   Too goofy?

I must say, this hat was a lot of fun to knit after I got the hang of it.  I learned the loop stitch (the brown part of the hat), which gave me trouble at first, but now I love it.  I think a loop stitch scarf may be looming in my future!  It also feels fabulous with the flaps made of baby alpaca yarn.  I want to wrap my whole world in baby alpaca!

My hat, though, seems too big and doesn't have as much crown as the pattern pictures.  Maybe I didn't follow  the pattern correctly and left out a round or two; who knows? Next time the son comes home, we'll see if it fits (and if he'd be caught dead wearing it).

There's at least one member of the family the hat looks good on.  You know who that is!

Don't let my version put you off.  You can check out the "real" version for yourself.  The pattern, Mackinaw Knitted Hat, is available for purchase on Etsy from Worldknits or on Ravelry at

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