Saturday, August 27, 2011

How hard can it be?

It started with a small leak.  There is a tiny bathroom in what used to be a tiny apartment on the second floor of our house.  After we reclaimed the apartment and turned it into an office/den, the tiny bathroom became the guys’ bathroom.  Then one day we noticed a water stain on the ceiling in the butler’s pantry down below.  Uh oh.  

One thing led to another as things do in an old house.  Now we can see into the bathroom from below.  So convenient when I want to call up that dinner is ready!

After much time and lots and lots of thought, my husband gutted the entire tiny bathroom.  “If only we could switch the location of the shower and the toilet,” I said.  Can’t be done, the joists run the wrong way, we were told.  Finally, a nice man who works in the Lowes plumbing department asked, “Why can’t you drop the ceiling below and run the pipes under the joists?”  Light bulb!  That’s what led to this.

A total reconfiguration and all new pipes – including moving the vent stack.  Who knew such things are possible?  And it’s only money, right?  (Our plumbers like us a lot.)  We’re still only partway through this latest adventure in home remodeling.  Today my husband is putting in new joists and a subfloor and plotting his next move.

Will keep you updated.

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  1. I think many moons ago I learned that trick, but what it really taught me was to never take no for an answer when it came to someone I wanted to do on the house that someone else said couldn't work!



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