Monday, August 29, 2011

Fields of Gold

What a glorious day!  Alfie and I had a fabulous time at the local prairie forest preserve with the three B’s – birds, butterflies, and bees. 

(Ok, and frogs, but I only like frogs at a distance!  I have an unreasonable and out-of-control fear of frogs.  It’s not so much a fear of frogs, as a fear of stepping on frogs.  (Or toads.)  Here's why:  As teenagers, my brother and I were playing volleyball in our yard.  I was foolishly wearing thin-soled slippers.  Coming down from what was no doubt a tremendous spike, I landed square on a toad.  I felt it squish under my thin-soled slipper.  Ewww.  My brother, being a brother, held the toad up by its back toes and let blood drip out of the its mouth.  Ever since, well you can imagine. )

Anyway, today the frogs stayed in or near the ponds and Alfie and I enjoyed the late summer hum and buzz.

More pictures from the prairie.

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