Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Wheeling

Despite the name of this blog, Sweet Posy Dreams, it is not generally about the kind of dreams I have when I’m sleeping.  But last night, I had the most interesting dream, a twist on a frequent dream scenario (for me).

Whenever my life is spinning out of control – even if I don’t know it – or I feel that I am losing my grip in some way, I have a dream like this:

I’m driving down a winding road and lose control of my car, veering off the road.  Sometimes the brakes don’t work, but usually I lose control of the car because I am going too, too fast.  I usually wake up before the crash, but sometimes I just wind up stuck in a muddy field.  Depressing, isn’t it?

Last night:

I was riding a unicycle on an expressway.  (Try and picture this.  By the way, my dream unicycle looked like what a dark blue Vespa would look like if it were a unicycle.)  There were two semi-trucks ahead of me, so I decided to go around them.  (I must be a very strong pedal-er!)  Just as I started around the semi directly in front of me, it swerved over to pass the truck ahead of it.  I was forced off the road (pedaling all the time!) onto a heavily graveled shoulder.  I went over the shoulder, into the grass, and was heading for a wooded area.  “Curtains,” I thought, but no!  Just as I got to the edge of the woods, I executed a swanky curve maneuver and came to a clean, safe stop.  Just like that, I held my own against two tractor-trailer trucks and lived to tell the tale with nary a scratch!  Just me and my unicycle.

I think this is a propitious sign!  But I'm not buying a unicycle.  Yet.


  1. Dear Unicycling Demonette,
    Thanks for the laugh! This is good stuff! Fine writing, beautiful photographs, fantastic hats, and great warmth and humor! You seem like somebody I'd like to know.;) In the meantime, I've subscribed and will look forward to your next work of art.
    Girl, you gots talent! Keep it up!!
    --Your #1 Fan in DC

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the kind words!


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