Thursday, October 9, 2014

Target: "Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Cheaper"

After my latest trip down south, I've been feeling calm and in control.  Getting some work done, taking some walks (like the above view of the prairie park last Sunday morning), doing some errands.

One such errand was this morning.  I stopped by Target to pick up three birthday cards.  I milled around, decided to pick up some Diet Cokes and a couple of toys for Alfie.  Then THIS happened:

Get outta town!  Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  Woven yarn baskets?  I don't know whether to feel like I'm ahead of the curve for already having made numerous crocheted baskets myself or way behind the trend since Target has already reduced the price.  $15.99.  It's tough to buy the yarn that cheaply.  I'll confess: the air went out of my balloon a bit.  Just last week I was feeling accomplished and cool as I finished the daughter's requested set of nesting baskets. Now I see that they need to be moved to the clearance bin.  Sigh.

Nesting basket set, un-nested, but handmade.

Nesting basket set, nested.
See the wonky edge? Proof it's handmade.

In addition to finishing up the nesting baskets, I began crocheting a lace scarf with some of the Serenity Garden yarn I showed in my last post.  I'm using the Strawberry Lace pattern from the Crochet Noro book.  It's slow going and I'm not sure I love it, but I'll be able to tell better once it's finished and blocked.

Fall is arriving here in northern Illinois.  Beautiful cool weather and blue skies today.  Perfect.  We even had clear skies for that fabulous blood moon on Wednesday morning.  We couldn't see it at the house because of all the trees, but when we went for our walk around 5:45 (a little earlier than usual), the moon was in its glory.  We felt lucky to get to see it.

Colorful and healthy!

Fall also means the end of summer vegetables.  The husband stopped by a farm stand earlier this week, however, and loaded up on some beautiful zucchini and sweet peppers.  I roasted the lot with russet potatoes and chicken, all tossed in olive oil, garlic, and lots of fresh rosemary.  A feast!  I only have a before picture because we were too eager to eat to snap any shots after it came out of the oven.

So that's what I've been up to lately.  I hope early fall is colorful and peaceful at your house, too.  Just be very careful which aisles you walk down in Target.  Don't let your handcrafted balloon burst.


  1. At least your nesting baskets are made with love... They are very pretty too! Have a great week!

  2. Well, I for one, love your baskets! I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with them. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I was going to say that the Target baskets were missing one important detail. They weren't hand crafted with love. Nici said it first, but that was my thought, too, before I saw her comment. Your first photo looks very much like the rivers and lakes we choose to kayak on, but since our leaves are almost gone, we packed the kayaks away for the winter. Your meal looks yummy! I'm sure going to miss fresh produce this winter!!!

    I started a sweater, too, but I'm not in love with the yarn, so I should probably quit now because I'm not going to love the finished product if I don't like the color. Bummer! I hope you like your scarf when you're done, Lynette.


  4. I saw those recently at Target too. But, they're just not as exciting as ones you make yourself. And, much more special to your daughter than mass produced ones from China. Your set is really cute!

  5. I give up, this is my 3rd comment and they aren't posting. But the last 2 were really good. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Yes but your baskets are unique. I feel very annoyed when I see cheap handknits knowing that I couldn't even make them for the price even with the cheapest yarn, but then who wants something the same as everyone else. Plus where is the satisfaction of actually creating yourself. There is a nip in the air here too, sun currently out so am going to enjoy the day

  7. I love your nested baskets. I wish I knew how to make those. The cheap ones from the store will be made from poor quality materials and definitely not made with love.

  8. Hi There, I'd take HOME-MADE over anything like those baskets at Target... Homemade is made with love and joy --and I'm sure the others are NOT... SO--don't let your bubble be burst!!!! Your baskets are marvelous... Can't wait to see the scarf.

    Neat that you got to see the Blood Moon. It was cloudy here then... Sigh!

    Glad that you are getting some FALL. We have a tiny bit here --with 'some' color changes --but it's still quite warm.. I'm ready for some sweater weather..

    Have a great week/weekend.

  9. Handmade nesting baskets rate way higher than any for sale at a Big Box retailer.

    Those veggies you roasted look delish.

  10. Love your nesting baskets..they are really beautiful.
    The roasted veggies look very tasty!

  11. OMG!!!! I am at Target all the time, actually today even and I did not see those baskets. That happened to me last Christmas as I was crocheting up about a million cup cozies, I walked into Target and they had some knitted ones! I almost freaked. Yes the baskets are nice but yours are better, so keep that in mind.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Oh dear; you must have felt gutted. No doubt the one's Target is selling are cheap imports. I would take your handmade basket over any in a clearance bin any day. I know what you mean that you can't make things for the price you see the finished item in a store. When I used to do a lot of knitting, the wool I bought to make a jumper cost twice as much as a comparable jumper in the stores - but where's the love! xx

  13. Don't feel bad! Your baskets are beautiful and made with love! And those veggies look so delicious! I love the park view, it's just beautiful!

  14. Aww, It happens to us all. Still you can have such pride in yours that you made with your own two hands.
    Enjoying apples and applesauce made in the crockpot. Made the house smell great.
    Now to find some taffy caramel apples...
    and roast some veggies

  15. I agree with all you have said, do not feel bad. It is so true, homemade is best. Made with LOVE is what counts.
    Your work is beautiful.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  16. Well, I think your baskets are FAR nicer, and hand made is always better anyway. New to your blog, love it :)

  17. Your nesting baskets are beautiful! Nothing can compare to something handmade with love.

  18. Your baskets are so sweet....don't stop. Those veggies look fabulous, I have been meaning to try roasting it's a must.

  19. Your baskets were made in time with care. One important detail I'm sure mass produced products from Target lack. Handmade is always best!!!


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