Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Early Spring at the Prairie

Yesterday was a cool and blustery day, but sunny, so it was a good day for a walk in the prairie preserve.  Early spring is a quiet time at the prairie.  Nothing is blooming except some crabapples and lots of dandelions in the mowed "park" section.  The tall prairie grasses are short, just beginning to grow, so there are wonderful open vistas.

Wind farm southwest of the prairie
No goslings yet

On a different subject, a friend dropped off this gorgeous potted hyacinth the other evening.  How glorious!  Our whole house smells heavenly!

The chocolate mini eggs are in a much smaller dish now.
And, why, yes, that lid is slightly askew.  How could that have happened?


  1. Is it possible someone has been eating the chocolate :)

  2. I love wind farms - I think they're beautiful.

  3. Hyacinths smell like heaven! I hope you are having a fantastic day. It is gorgeous here in Central Alabama!


  4. I tell everyone I want one of those wind things in my yard. I don't understand why we don't have more of these to help our dependancy on oil from abroad.
    I am surprised that there is still candy in any dish, hah.
    We are freezing here today. Back with the winter coat. I am waiting on some flakes. I'd love just to see some one more time. I know I am weird.

  5. I wonder what did happen to those eggs. Hummm... :-) The hyacinth is gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Just gorgeous. Beautiful images of your part of the world coming in to Spring xx

  7. Beautiful pictures of Spring! Love the duck. It's such a peaceful picture.

  8. LOL you made me laugh a lot with the smaller chocolate dish!

  9. What beautiful images. How lucky to have that prairie at your disposal. Thanks for sharing, liz

  10. Oh, those flowers look (and must smell!) delicious!! And I'm impressed that there are any eggs left... ;)


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