Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"How to Murder Your Wife"

“How to Murder Your Wife” is one of my all-time favorite movies.  My son gave me a new DVD of the movie for Christmas, and I am looking forward to watching it again soon.  

The movie came out in 1965, so it’s not very politically correct these days, but I just love it.  It’s not my usual kind of movie – it’s more slapsticky than I usually like, and I can take or leave Jack Lemmon, but I still love this movie.  

Jack Lemmon is well cast as the high-strung cartoonist Stanley Ford, and Virna Lisi is drop-dead gorgeous, but also likable, as his Italian wife.  But for me, the real stars are the co-stars – Terry-Thomas as Charles, Ford’s butler; Claire Trevor as Edna Lampson; and the always funny Mary Wickes as a secretary.  

The hands-down funniest character, though, is Harold Lampson, Ford’s attorney, brilliantly and hilariously played by Eddie Mayehoff.  He absolutely cracks me up.  Several lines of his dialogue have become catchphrases in our family – “I do carry a lot of life insurance” and “that broken down money pit of a house in Scarsdale.”  Even though we don’t live in Scarsdale, you’d be amazed how often that last line is appropriate for people who live in a 105-year-old house!

If you've never seen "How to Murder Your Wife," check it out.  Everyone could use a laugh as we head into the depths of winter.


  1. I have to say that the title of this post made me look twice - I'm glad to find out that it's about a movie (lol). I love old movies - I'll have to check this one out - thanks for sharing.

  2. You scared me for a minute there! But I do love old movies.

  3. You are right - that is a great movie. Bring back the classics!

  4. Sounds like a cute fun movie, and I love me Jack Lemon so much! Have you seen The Apartment?

  5. I love this movie although it has probable been 10 years since I last watched it! The slapsticks can be so fun and it is not something we typically see in today's cinema anymore!

  6. I love movies of this era, although many of my favorites are Doris Day romantic comedies. I'll check this out for sure!

  7. I'll have to watch this! I recently watched Some Like It Hot, and enjoyed it. It was pretty funny.


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