Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maybe Not Such An Old Dog

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I completed my second crochet class last night.  All the ladies agreed that the second class seemed to go by much faster than the first – less frustration!  Nice people, good conversation, good uninterrupted crocheting time.  I finished my beginner-project dish cloth in class.  All I needed to do was the edging.  (If you think the edges are wonky now, you should have seen it before I single crocheted all around the edge!)  It's not very good, in fact it's pretty darn bad, but you can see the improvement as I progressed.  No unexpected holes or unattached loops hanging out in the second half.

It seemed like many of my classmates frogged their projects during the week and started over to eliminate the early mistakes.  Not me!  I kind of like seeing my improvement, and I was eager to move on to the flower project, which teaches crocheting in a circle.  Loved making the flower!  Came home last night and continued working on it until 11 p.m.  

Next week is the final class; we will start making baby/mini afghans.  Can't wait!  This old dog is pulling at the leash.


  1. Well done! I think mistakes are part of learning and shouldn't be picked out. Seeing your progress is half the fun!

    I can crochet basic squares, but I am more of a knitter myself!

  2. The flower is awesome! I think you are going to be an expert at this.

    You can make so many cool things. My daughter just started this too and is making some really pretty scarves.

  3. Hi Thanks for dropping by my blog..Youre relly good at crocheting keep at it!Im a bit incapacitated with blooming wrist is so annoying cos I love to crochet..though Im quite new to it too.

  4. Love that flower you crocheted! I used to knit and crochet all the time! I like to get back into it when the weather turns cold! So hopefully soon I will be knitting something! Or crocheting! I love yarn. It nearly equals my paper obsession!

  5. Thanks, Julie! I'm having fun with the crochet. Just had my last class, though, so will have to go it on my own for a bit -- yikes!


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