Saturday, November 21, 2015

Snow and Dreams of Warmer Days

It's not even Thanksgiving, and in northern Illinois, we have snow.  Lots of snow.  I'm guessing there are about five inches on the ground.  The ground was fairly warm, so the earliest snow melted.  It's a heavy, clingy, beautiful snow. The birds have been caught a little by surprise, I think, and have been crowding the bird feeder all day.  Here are a couple of beauties waiting their turn.

And to think, only a month ago, I was enjoying warm, sunny weather in Florida and Savannah.  I've meant to share my Savannah pictures with you, but haven't had a chance.  Here are just a couple of snaps from that trip.

Lovely Round Island Park just south of Vero Beach, Florida
While I do love snow, I wouldn't mind being down south again for a day or two.  We visited family in Florida, then took a little detour to Savannah for one night.  I was really impressed by the view of the salt marshes.  The photo below was taken from the car as we went over a very tall bridge into Brunswick, Georgia.  

Salt marsh as seen from bridge heading into Brunswick, Georgia

For one last glimpse of warm weather, I'll leave you with a shot of Bay Street in the historic district of Savannah. Whether it's warm or cold, I hope things are lovely where you are.

Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia


  1. If it makes you feel better Florida is full of rain today, it is still warm but not the nicest day out. I would give anything for cooler weather.

  2. I absolutely love Florida and Savannah, too, for that matter! I sure do miss the warm weather!
    That same storm was supposed to sweep north to us and drop about 5 or 6 inches but it stopped about 70 miles south of us today. Works for me! lol Great pictures!!! xo Diana

  3. That cardinal photo is stunning. But I don't envy you and all that snow. None here yet in our part of Minnesota.

    What is a salt marsh?

    I love those trees in the last shot. What are they? I have never traveled to the South.

    1. The trees in the Savannah picture are live oaks, I believe, with Spanish moss. The salt marshes along the coast are so neat. As I understand it, they are areas of brackish water (mix of salt and fresh waters). Marsh grasses or reeds grow in them with paths of water where people go through in their boats. The docks are often very long, reaching across the marsh to where there is open water.

  4. Your cardinal photo is so neat.. you could use it for your Christmas Card. I wish we had them in Oregon but we don't. Hope you keep warm and feed those birdies good! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. wow already that much snow? Beautiful photos!

  6. We got our first frost today, that's a real surprise after what has been a very mild Nov thus far. I adore Savannah and would go back in a shot

  7. We have just a light dusting of snow, but I'm longing for that first big snowfall like you've shown. Gorgeous photos of every kind of weather, Lynette! Love those moss covered oak trees!

  8. Wow, I haven't even thought of snow days yet. All of your images are quite lovely. There's nothing much more beautiful than cardinals in the snow. Nature makes the best images. :-)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving for Thursday, Posie. I do love the image of the snow - how beautiful! I do wonder how the birds are able to survive in such conditions xx

  10. Loved the photos from Georgia! Awesome that you were able to spend some time down in the warm south! Nice photo of the cardinals as well. I'm glad the snow waited this long, but I don't know if I ever am ready for it. We had a pretty nice day here today though--it got above freezing, so I have nothing to complain about!

  11. We lived in Georgia for 4 months, it is a beautiful state. We have had plenty of snow here in the Dakotas. Hope all is going well for you as you prepare for Christmas.

  12. Fabulous photos and beautiful birds in the snow! X


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