Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dog Walking Beanie Hats

Don't be fooled.  This is his mid-day look.
At 5:30 a.m., he's jumping on the bed.
Here at the Posy house, we are an early rising bunch, and Alfie, that sly dog, is the earliest of all.  Most mornings, he's up and at 'em by 5:30 and ready for his walk.  We actually like to walk early.  It's a bit quieter -- fewer cars on the street -- and we are more likely to spot wildlife as we walk along the river.  There are others who walk or jog around the same time, so we are often able to greet one or two "regulars" and share news of deer or fox sightings or remark on the weather or what have you.

The only trouble with walking first thing, before breakfast and showers, is that my hair often looks like I just rolled out of bed which, of course, I did, but one doesn't want to go out in public like that, even if it is 5:45 a.m.  I have lots of hats for winter walks and that works great as hair camouflage.  Summer is a little tougher.  I've never been a girl to wear a baseball cap.  This summer, I did swipe one from our son's room -- a jazzy plaid number -- and have worn it a few times, but it's really not me.

acrylic version

So I found this little hat pattern, available from DROPS Design.  I have crocheted two of them so far, both in self-striping sock yarn.  The first I made in acrylic, which is really perfect for a summer morning as it's not too hot.  The most recent one I made with wool sock yarn which I had left over from a scarf I made last winter.  They're goofy looking but I like them, and I don't have to worry if my hair is sticking up weird or anything.

Little granny squares with simple double crochet for the body of the cap and as a border below.
I'm afraid, though, that this latest hat will be my last crochet project for a while.  I have developed what I believe is tendinitis in my elbow.  I am going to lay off the needlework and heavy lifting to see if it improves.  I've been doing a lot of outside work lately too (carrying those concrete stepping stones yesterday didn't help), so I'll ease up and see if the pain eases up too.  Any of you crocheters ever have similar trouble?


  1. What a great idea for summer. Very sorry about your elbow. I worked many years as a Admin Asst and struggled with pain in my arms/hands. The hot wax home treatment was great relief for the elbow. Let us know how you are.
    Alfie is adorable.

  2. I absolutely LOVE those hats!! They are quite bohemian and remind me of the 60s.. yes, I was a young adult then. I bet you look fab in those! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about those pain issues. Rest seems in order.

    The hats are lovely. I slapped a baseball cap on my unwashed morning hair to mow the lawn today.

  4. Blimey aren't you good getting up that early! I rarely rise before 7 but I must admit when I do it's lovely to watch the sun come up and feel like everyone else is still asleep. Those crocheted beanies look great. I really like the granny squares around the bottom. Ideal for dog walking. Ah so cute. Hope your elbow improves soon.

  5. Love the look of the beanie hats. Stylish for dog walking!

  6. Those are so cute and perfect for your morning walks. I'm about to take mine as soon as I finish visiting blogs. My hair will go into a ponytail. I look horrid on my walks!

  7. You are so talented! The hats are lovely.
    I hope your elbow gets well soon.

  8. Hi There, Just stopping by to say "Happy 4th of July".... Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends --or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now...God Bless American --and God Bless YOU.

    Love your new little cap... Perfect for an early morning walk during summer... We get up about 6 a.m. and do our devotion on the swing very early when it's quiet... Love it... But--it can be cool that early!! (I'm not complaining though... ha)

    Sorry about your tendinitis. Hope you feel better soon.


  9. This is a beautiful hat! I totally understand having to take a break. I ended up having to get therapy on my hand for some sort of inflammation that lasted for ages. I was wondering if it was carpel tunnel, but it wasn't. Thankfully it's better now, but I had to wear a brace at night to keep my thumb from moving. I hope yours heals really soon.

  10. You sure do rise early. I think your hats are gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear about your tendonitis. My husband has it very badly in his shoulder and so there's very little he can do as it's so painful. He's seeing an osteo and trying to have regular treatment but it sure is taking a long time to improve. Best wishes to you! xx

  11. Funny you should mention the elbow problem as I woke up yesterday with a real stiffness and pain in my arm stemming from my elbow. By the end of the day it was gone and is still gone this morning and I knitted last night. I have RA and I try and stretch my meds for it as they are very expensive so not sure if it was RA or tendonitis but it's gone now PTL! I hope yours goes away too.
    I'm busy getting my list ready for my 2014/15 Year of Projects list with the Come Blog Along group on Ravelry. Were you on there at one time? I can't remember how we met but so glad we did. You're a Southern gal living in the Midwest and I'm a Midwest gal living in the South! LOL! You should join the group as it is for bloggers who knit or crochet or whatever. I think those hats are going on my list for this year. They are so pretty! May I ask what brand/color of yarn you used? I love both of them. I sure hope you heal up so you can get back to crocheting as you make such pretty things.

  12. Those are great little hats!

    I have not been able to pick up
    the skill of crocheting. Tried many
    times to no avail.

    Get some rest.

    M : )

  13. hhaha! i have golden retriever as well ;) but she sleeps until i woke up ;)


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