Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If It's April First, I Must Be Back

A year passes so quickly.  Here I am, back to blogging after a full year away.  I left on April 1 and thought a return on the same date would be appropriate.  The joke, however, may well be on me that no one will even notice my return after my very definite quitting announcement and being so long away.

Hello? Is anyone out there? Or am I shouting into an empty canyon?
Why am I blogging again?  Oddly enough, a number of people have encouraged me to come back (and I'm not even related to all of them!).  I miss the connection to fellow bloggers.  Being a blogger sometimes pushed me to try new things.  I like having a record of things I've done and places I've gone.

What will be different this time?  Very little on the surface.  The biggest difference will be in my own view of my blog. I'm going to try not to get caught back up in stats and trying to increase my readership, worrying about how often I post. Blogging is not a job, after all; it's for fun.  I'm going to keep it fun.

What have I been up to?  When I look back over the past year, I'm not sure I've done all that much.  I
crocheted three afghans, none of which I have pictures of -- a yo-yo design, a large single granny square, and a granny stripe which used up stash yarn.  I made a couple of hats using a Ravelry pattern, The Journey Hat by Reenie Hanlin.

I cooked a lot of food, including roasting a duck for the first time and some new recipes for brussels sprouts, asparagus, and some extremely lime-y cookies.

Ready for adventure with my Outback.
Cue "Born to be Wild" music.

I also watched the oldest obtain her master's degree, helped said kid move -- twice, took a few minor trips, bought a car and a digital camera, lost twenty pounds, made several glitter house decorations and an awesome glitter Merry Christmas banner (stole the idea from a Pottery Barn catalog).

A graduating kid and her new small town.  Off our payroll and practically off the map!

Kayaking in alligator and manatee infested waters.  Okay, we didn't see any alligators that day, but we did see a couple of manatees.  We also saw a tour boat on the wide part of the river, which was heading straight for us.  In our hasty paddling to get out of the way, my camera fell into the river.  The photos were salvageable, but the camera was not, hence the new camera mentioned above.
I lightened the exposure here so you can see my fabulous banner.  Made it with stencils on heavy card stock and lots of cheap silver glitter.  Hole punched the tops, added ribbon and voila!  Saved serious cash.  I really loved it.
I'm so happy to be back in the blogging world.  I hope you'll join me again from time to time.


  1. Hi There, Glad to hear from you.. Sounds like you have had a great year.. Congrats to your daughter. That's quite an achievement.

    Love your Christmas banner.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. You've had quite a year. Losing 20 pounds is fabulous. Seeing your daughter earn her masters, equally as fabulous. (What is that beautiful historic town you photographed?) Trips and afghans completed... Yes, it sounds like one productive and wonderful year.

    1. The town is in Iowa. I sent you an email with more info.

  3. Perhaps the joke is on us! Welcome back!

  4. GLAD to have you back! I will definitely come back for more!

  5. Welcome back, Posy! I've missed you and during your absence I really appreciated it when you took time to comment on my blog posts. I love your Christmas tree - it's stunning! And congrats to your daughter on her degree and congrats to you also on losing 20 pounds - both great achievements xx

  6. Welcome back! Sounds like you have had a busy year! Wow - a year went fast huh?!!! Looking forward to reading more posts!
    Cheers! - Shelley


    You've been missed. Really!

    I love all your updates. Congrats to ms. masters degree...well done!

    New with me? Trying to improve my middle eastern cooking for no reason other than I love it. Have worked on several meaningful commissioned portraits. Have made an effort to go on more dates with Mr. Hausfrau. Looking forward to Easter!

    Oh, and major applause for you, losing 20 pounds. Wow!

  8. I have missed you and I am happy you are back. Congrats to your daughter! Love your new car. You have so many interests and I am loving these photos you have shared. I look forward to visiting often. Mildred

  9. Welcome back to blogging! It sounds like you've had a busy year and you've got the right attitude about blogging. It should be fun! At the moment, I find myself in the same place you were last year. I feel pulled in so many directions that it's making me dizzy! I haven't officially ended my blog, but I''m leaving it idle in case I have a change of heart. Thanks for following me, and I'll be by from time to time to see what you're up to. Enjoy blogging again!

  10. Sounds like you had quite a year, and super interesting. Thanks so much for the visit and for your gracious comment on Shelly's office. I think she did a fabulous job. I love it too. Welcome back to blogging, it will be nice to follow along on your latest adventures.

  11. How lovely to have you back again. I have to say I think you have had a wonderful year. I think you are right about blogs, they should be fun, who cares about stats and specific times to blog, be yourself, blog when you can and have fun.

  12. I'm so glad to see you back....and the 20lbs off is fabulous...congrats to you !

  13. So glad you're back Lynette. Sorry I'm a bit late to realise! Congrats to your daughter.


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